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At Honey, we are shifting the paradigm for how moms and moms-to-be take care of themselves and one another.

As mothers, we are bombarded with contradictory advice from all sorts of media (books, internet magazines, television) about the proper way to give birth and to raise a child, as if there is only one way. Many of us are far from family support or without a community of peers we connect with. We are too often left confused, isolated, and unsupported as we bring the next generation of human beings into this world.

At Honey we believe there is a better way, and we tightly braid our values into the fibers of all of our classes and programs.


What we believe


Motherhood is not something we are supposed to do alone.

Mothering is a beautiful mess. We need one another. We deserve one another. We are good to one another.


Motherhood is not a competitive sport.

Being a mother is about loving and growing- both your children and yourself. There is no right way.


Every mother-child relationship is unique and has its own path.

Our mission is to gift you information so that you have the confidence to grow, birth, and raise your child(ren) in a way that is right and true for you and your family.


All mothers must be heard for what they are saying and seen for who they are.

Mothers know. And we must listen to one another so that we may build the skills to also listen to ourselves.


Becoming a mother is like joining an inclusive club, and we deserve a clubhouse that is safe, warm and nourishing.

When we value ourselves and our peers, mind, body, and soul, we are teaching our children by example, to do the same.


Welcome to honey, honey.