Brooke Miller, MA, LMFT, E-RYT
Founder of Honey Space for Moms

After surviving two brain surgeries, watching her childhood home burn down, being weighed down with (and ultimately beating) an eating disorder, body image issues and years of depression and was motherhood that truly brought Brooke to her knees, cracked her open, and changed her perspective from every angle. A former nanny, yoga teacher, psychotherapist, wife, daughter, sister, mother, and "trailblazer" according to San Francisco's 411 Magazine, Brooke blends business with heart no matter what she takes on. Her dream to open a comprehensive motherhood wellness center became a reality after she moved to Michigan from California in 2014. With her 2.5yr old and 6-month old in tow, Brooke opened "Honey Studio", later to grow into Honey Space for Moms + Moms-to-be in 2016. She unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve and holds the space at Honey with a little bit four-letter-word meets 'my best friend the therapist', combined with endless cups of hot coffee and me-too moments. She's real...just like motherhood. And she'll probably give you a hug and call you honey. Because it just feels good.