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Work after motherhood shifts. Transitioning from maternity leave to the office is all of the things. Hard. Exciting. Confusing—The experience is shared by millions of mothers. Honey gives you tools to aide and empower you in the adjustment and recognize your value. Because. Mothers. Matter.

Whether it’s seeking a pump-room and a promotion while juggling daycare pick-ups and piles of laundry, deciding to leave your job and be your own boss or figuring out what you want in the first place, Honey is here. .


Transitioning back to work after baby is hard. You deserve guidance and support. Sessions are tailored to your needs but generally include: Negotiating and/or adjusting your post-leave return to work; re-evaluating your career goals; and work-life integration.

only 24-hours in a day

Mother, wife, employee, personal-chef + housekeeper. The ‘S’ on your chest and cape on your back is an exhausting piece of your wardrobe. This package is for working moms (including you business-owning mamas) who are trying to figure out how to manage it all. This package will cover time management, enlisting your team, and managing transition points throughout the day.

Career Change

Go back to work, switch companies, stay-home or become an astronaut? Gain clarity on which path is right for you, focus and discover opportunities, and uncover your strengths to help align your career + life paths.

Each package is comprised of 3 sessions and tailored to fit the needs of each mama.

$250. HSA/FSA accepted

Packages available on-site or by phone.

Individual sessions

Single sessions are available as needed and packages are highly recommended for results and accountability.

$90. HSA/FSA accepted.

Available on-site or by phone.

Meet Karen

Career Coach

She sits at roundtable discussions about women in the workforce with senators and state representatives, speaks at Ted Talks on work + motherhood, she’s a lawyer, mom, career-coach, college professor and partner of Honey’s consulting division. Holy. Bad. Ass. Woman.

Karen is all the working mamas dream come true. She uses her big, beautiful brain to help moms figure out what the F to do— go back, stay home, change careers? She will wrap them in glitter and spin them with studies from other countries and give them an action plan that makes their eyes sparkle. Boom.