Coworking + childcare

They go together like coffee + cream.  

about co-working + childcare

We now have 4 packages to offer—allowing you to choose based on how many sessions a week are right for you. Our 3-hour sessions create a rhythm, ritual and routine that both mamas and little honeys love.

Our BusyBee Room now includes:

  • A Montesorri-Inspired Curriculum

  • Spanish Integration

  • Dedicated Space for Package Holders (no more signing up in advance!)

  • The love and warmth that our BusyBee Room is known for

Co-working + Childcare Packages:

Sweet—$205/Month, up to 6hrs/week
Sweeter—$315/Month, up to 12hrs/week
Sweetest—$405/Month, up to 18hrs/week
Just Mama—$125/month, unlimited co-working (childcare not included)

*Monthly auto-payments
*30-day advance notice required for cancellation
*Non-transferable, non-refundable
*Additional time available for purchase 

Drop-In Childcare $7/Hour
Drop- In Childcare $20 for 3 hours
Drop-In Childcare + Co-Working $40/3 hours
Drop-In Co-Working $7/hour  

And remember—we do have limited availability. Please contact us to find out if your desired time and day is still available. Thank you, mamas!

HSA/FSA cards accepted.

TO purchase packages—

Call the Honey front desk at 248.232.2555, register online, or download our free Honey for Moms booking app for iPhone by clicking below.