Parenthood + Stuff

Fall/Winter Events 2019



October 28 7pm to 9pm

Come on over and learn with other working mothers who are connected with both their career goals and role as a mother, and seek community and support to hold both with grace. Leave this workshop with a renewed sense of how motherhood path and career path intertwine. Redefine your career goals, recenter your self, and move forward with all the parts of yourself--integrated.

This workshop is led by Karen Evans, JD. Karen is a career coach and back to work consultant. She is the director of Honey Corporate Consulting, a professor of entrepreneurship, and TedX speaker on "The Motherhood Penalty." She is a working mother of two.

*childcare available by request for additional cost


Family Budget + Planning

July 13 10:30am to 12pm

Can leave your job, pay for daycare, buy a house, splurge at Target?

Please join Please join Elizabeth K. Deutch, CFP® to unpack your approach to budgeting, making money decisions, and planning for the future.

Ready to plot your journey to retirement and other longer-term goals into doable steps so it’s manageable? Yup. 

In the market to maintain financial balance by being prepared for risks and unexpected events? Yes Please. 

Want to show your kids what a healthy relationship with money looks like? Sign me up. 


*childcare available by request for additional cost


How the F to Sleep

(Prenatal through 4 months)

October 12 am-3pm

CYou are expecting. You are a new parent to a sleepless baby. Holy exhaustion. Learn the basics of developing a healthy lifestyle for sleep. Workshop includes learning about developing a sleep sanctuary in your home, incorporating pro-sleep foods into your diet, inviting healthy day/night transitions, improving attachment and emotional expression, building confidence with routines, creating smooth habit transitions, and working with biological sleep readiness. 

This workshop will also include discussion of sleep needs at different ages, how to manage sleep regressions, and the effect of developmental milestones on sleep. Bring your personal sleep challenges! This class is perfect for expectant parents or families in any stage.

$40/family *childcare available by request for additional fee



Summer CPR + Safety

July 20, 10:30am-12pm

This hands-on workshop covers infant and toddler choking relief and CPR, outdoor and water safety for an incredible Michigan summer!

Pertinent for families with children 0-5 years. *non-certification course.

This class is taught by Charlotte Beach. Charlotte has been a professional caregiver for over a decade. She is a postpartum doula, EMT, former Firefighter, and the lead CPR Instructor for American Safety Educators, LLC.

HSA/FSA funds welcome
*childcare available by request for additional cost