Moms in the first year

For mamas with babes 0-1 year


Milk + Honey Feeding Services

Breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, + beyond. Home visits available.

Call 248.232.2555 for more information.

BusyBee Playroom

Safe, sweet + supportive childcare for your little.

CPR certified + baby wearing friendly.

yoga chill
(babies welcome)

Because anxiety, because overwhelm. Because all of it. This class is everything.

*Baby welcome to join you or welcome to hang in the Busybee Playroom with Miss Yevett.

HoneyMama New Mom Group
(0-6, 6-12 months, daytime + evening)

This is where it all begins. Meet your tribe, your village, your hive. Because, motherhood.

Mama Baby Yoga

breathing, moving, opening, connecting. For you and your (sleeping, awake, crying, feeding) babe.

Carseat Checks

Make sure everyone is safe, secure, and happy.

Co-Working Space + Lounge

Get work done and feel respected as a mother. Done and done. Or just hang out and have an adult conversation. Childcare available. Pre-crawlers welcome in the lounge.

strong as a mother
(babies welcome)

A functional workout class for core, pelvic floor, and lifelong strength.

Beauty Bar

full service salon while you feed, shush, hold…or, childcare. Yes, really.

See pricing on our Pricing page.

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