Honeymama Groups.
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Honeymamas 0-6 Month

Wednesdays, 11am-12:30pm

This is where you begin. Honeymamas 0-6 months is the group you sign up for when you realize motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. And you want to connect with other moms who have babies. Because...holy honey. Your group leader will hold a discussion on a different topic each week, and bring tools and takeaways to help support you to feel strong and authentic in this chapter of motherhood. Welcome to honey, mama.

Led by Julie Dorfman

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome


Honeymamas Again: For Moms Who’ve Added Another Baby

Tuesdays, 12pm-1:30pm

You had another baby! Maybe your second or third, and you're shifting into your role as a mama of more! Connect with other mamas in your chapter, honey.

This sweet Honey Group is led by Julie Dorfman, mama of 4 and Honey Group Leader. Topics include navigating this chapter of growing your family, loving all of your children in the ways they and you deserve, balancing it all, communication, and relationships.

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*childcare for big sib is extremely limited, please call for reservation


Honeymama Evening Group with Brooke

Mondays, 7:00pm-9:00pm

This circle is for mamas looking to connect with other mamas in their chapter, talk about deep stuff and sometimes not so deep stuff, laugh, cry, and all of it. Perfect for mamas who work during the day or who have 473 responsibilities during the day, so evening is better. Because, motherhood. Come join your hive.

Led by Brooke Miller

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*Child care not available


Honeymama-to-be Group

Thursdays, 7:00pm-9:00pm

You are expecting a baby, and it's a big deal. This 3-week group welcomes your process, your feelings, your path. Meet other expecting mamas and explore what the meaning of motherhood for you, life changes, your body, your relationships. Fears and joy all welcomed. Creative modalities will be utilized to support your experience.

Cindy Davies, MA, BC-DMT holds a masters in dance/movement therapy and license in creative arts therapy, is a certified happiest baby on the block educator, certified holistic sleep consultant, and trained in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International. Her deep love for pregnancy and early parenting developed as she became a mother herself, after working with populations of severely mentally ill patients. Cindy loves using movement, art and narrative work to support parents in connecting with themselves and their children. She is a wife, a mother of two, an advocate and teacher.

$85/3-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome


Honeymama Monthly Group

Check schedule for upcoming session

You've either been in a honeymama group and miss your weekly honey juju, you're in a group now and need more magic, or you've never been to honey and you're ready to check it out!

A mash-up of ages, stages and topics with our incredible honeymama daytime group leader, Julie Dorfman. Come on over, have some wine, bring your babe or don't (you do you, mama) and discuss monthly hot topics like "relationship boundaries", "body after baby" and "time, guilt, and motherhood" while connecting with yourself and your hive.

HSA/FSA funds welcome
*space is limited