Honeymama Groups.
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Honeymamas 0-6 Month

Tuesdays + Wednesdays, 12-2pM

This is where you begin. Honeymamas 0-6 months is the group you sign up for when you realize motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. And you want to connect with other moms who have babies. Because...holy honey. Your group leader will hold a discussion on a different topic each week, and bring tools and takeaways to help support you to feel strong and authentic in this chapter of motherhood. Topics include mental health, feeding, sleep, friendship, co-parenting, self-discovery and so much more. For topics specific to this series please see schedule. Welcome to honey, mama.

Led by Julie Dorfman

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*Babies welcome.


Honeymamas 6 Months+

Mondays, 12-2pM

Motherhood shifts and changes just as quickly as your baby. Honey groups are here to grow with you. Whether you’re joining our circle for the first time or continuing on your Honeymama journey, this group holds the space for you to connect and grow with other mamas with teething, rolling, sitting, scooting, wobbling babes. Your group leader will lead discussions and bring in experts to talk motherhood, sex, relationships, discovering your parenting style, sleep, feeding and everything in between. See schedule for the full list of topics in this series. This group is tailored for moms with babes from 6 months to around a year old. 

Led by Cindy Davies

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*Babies welcome


Honeymamas Again: For Moms Who’ve Added Another Baby

Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30aM

Every mother-baby relationship is unique. And now you’re nourishing two (or three, or four!) of them. 

Connect with other mamas in your chapter, Honey. Adding another baby is beautiful, exhausting, exciting, and all of the things. Whether you’re chasing a toddler while strapped to a pump, or coordinating school schedules and daycare pick-ups, we get it. And we got you. Your group leader will bring in experts and lead conversations around motherhood, parenting styles, sibling relationships, co-parenting, working motherhood and so much more. See schedule for the full list of topics in this series. 

Led by Julie Dorfman

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*Babies welcome, childcare for big sibling available by request


Evening Group for all Mamas

Mondays, 7-9pM

Release, re-spect, and give all the twinkle fingers. This group is led by Honey founder and psychotherapist, Brooke Miller. Focused on your emotional wellness, connect with other women, laugh, cry, talk deep topics, and not-so-deep ones, and just be. This group is for women in all stages of motherhood.

Led by Brooke Miller

$125/6-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*Childcare not available

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Motherhood + Work

Thursdays, 7-9PM

Motherhood and career can co-exist. In this weekly circle unravel the chaos, let go of the guilt, rediscover direction, create a flexible structure, and get empowered in motherhood + work. Take a breath, and surround yourself with the support of women who get it. You got this, mama. 

Led by Karen Evans

$85/4-week series
HSA/FSA funds welcome
*Childcare not available

miscarriage + loss support

Entrepreneur Group

Thursdays, 9-11aM

We see you, mama, balancing business and motherhood. We see you doing all the research and wondering if you should make the leap, we see you wondering now that you've launched why it isn't easy-breezy and why you sometimes have doubts about this path. We see you-- we've been there, and we are here with you.

We want to give you tools and support to make the path of business growth more peaceful (whether you're just exploring or you're well beyond your first or second year), we want to hold the space for you to be a mom and a business owner and to want to do both well, and we want to celebrate with you when you kill it and breathe through it with you when you falter.

Honeymama Entrepreneurs is your village. In this 12-week curriculum and session we will cover:

Mission, vision, values and branding, pricing and financials both fiscal and emotional, persona and client development, marketing, time management, process and procedure, HR challenges and streamlining-- all while holding the space for motherhood AND building your business. YES.

As a "honeymama entrepreneur" you will also be added to our resource list which will be distributed to all new honeymama's at our space in our welcome folder, and be listed as a honey supported business in our NEW business list on our website. We will also welcome "honeymama entrepreneurs" to be featured on our social media for special shout outs!

The group is led by Brooke Miller, founder of Honey Space for Moms, licensed psychotherapist, and a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and Karen Evans, entrepreneurship professor, lawyer, career coach, and co-founder of Honey's consulting division.

Don't forget to keep your receipt so that you can discuss writing off your group membership as a business expense with your tax professional

$325/12 week series.
HSA/FSA cards welcome
*Babies in arms welcome, childcare available by request

Miscarriage + Loss Support Cirlce

OCTOBER 8, 15, 22, 7:30-9:30

Your grief (recent or past) and experience around miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss deserves space to process, breathe, and connect with others who are also moving through this space. Honey welcomes you deeply.

3-Week group is led by Honey Psychotherapist, Ally Fugedi, LMSW

$70/3-week session
*we ask that babies/children do not attend this group.


Honeymama Monthly Group

Check schedule for upcoming session

You've either been in a honeymama group and miss your weekly honey juju, you're in a group now and need more magic, or you've never been to honey and you're ready to check it out!

A mash-up of ages, stages and topics with our incredible honeymama daytime group leader, Julie Dorfman. Come on over, have some wine, bring your babe or don't (you do you, mama) and discuss monthly hot topics like "relationship boundaries", "body after baby" and "time, guilt, and motherhood" while connecting with yourself and your hive.

HSA/FSA funds welcome
*space is limited