little honeys

Where littles learn, build confidence and have fun.

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Call the Honey front desk at 248.232.2555, register online, or download our free Honey for Moms booking app for iPhone by clicking below.

BusyBee Pre-School Prep

Thursdays @ 930a

Calling all Mamas + BusyBees! School is now in session for little ones 16-30 months!
Come and experience a full morning of fun activities including music and movement, storytime,
sensory, snack time and arts + crafts. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your Little Honey
to a classroom experience with you right by their side to guide and support their learning and

$125/6-week session. HSA/FSA cards accepted.

Montessori + Me Playgroup

Mondays @ 9:30a
Series dates: 1/7-2/11

Our Montessori inspired play group for parents and littles 6 months to 2.5yrs is a fun and educational series. Learn new ways of connecting with your little one, refreshing approaches to play, independence and inspiration for setting up a healthy play space at home. Explore how to assist, observe and support your child play independently in a safe environment. Children will learn and practice independence in choosing toys, cleaning up their space, and engaging in everyday activities while parents discuss and learn tools to support the development of perseverance and confidence in their children.

$125/6-week session. HSA/FSA cards accepted.

Open play Drop-in

fridays @ 10:00a-12:00p
saturdays @ 11:30a-1:30p

Bring your little honey to open play at Honey! Gather with other moms and babes, makes some noise, sing and dance, play with blocks, a colorful parachute, tumbling mats and crawl through tubes. All while chatting with other mamas and holding a fresh cup of coffee. 

$10 per session or a 3 session package for $25

Sleep, Behavior + Potty Training Consultation

Available by appointment
Wednesdays, 8:00a-5:00p

Sleep: Because, sleep. Is. Gold. Megan specializes in sleep for little honeys between 3 months to 5 years young. She will dive deep into your goals and habits, and help you and everyone else in your home get some z's.

In-home sleep coaching available after initial session

Behavior: Behaviors and boundary setting, oh my! Your little one is 6 months+ and you are ready for guidance. Customized for each family, Megan will support you in recognizing pitfalls and triggers, remaining the calm parent you've always wanted to be, setting firm but loving boundaries, understanding tantrums, and building communication to invite partners and caregivers to get on the same page.

Potty Training: Ready for school? Little one showing interest in the potty? Or, not—we got you mama. Teacher of our Honey Potty Training Masterclass, Megan will walk you through tips and tricks that are tailored to your unique and undoubtedly adorable family.

In-home potty party for 3-day potty training available after intake

$90+/session (1 hour). $250 for a package of 3 sessions. HSA/FSA cards accepted

TO register—

Call the Honey front desk at 248.232.2555, register online, or download our free Honey for Moms booking app for iPhone by clicking below.