Little Honeys

For mamas with little honeys 1-5 years old.


Co-Working Space + Lounge

Because you work from home, and you need to actually start getting work done. And because you want to have an adult conversation. Or you just want to knit. And there is childcare. And coffee. Thankyouverymuch.

Strong as a mother
(babies welcome)

Because you are #strongasamother, and you deserve to have a core that feels the same. Bring your babe to witness you rock it out.

Little Honeys Music + Movement

Cute, fun, musical, perfect for babes and tots and mamas with both.

BusyBee Playroom

Safe, sweet + supportive childcare for your little 0-5.

CPR certified + baby wearing friendly.

yoga chill
(babies welcome)

When you sleep through the night and wake up in the morning refreshed and shower by yourself and pee in privacy. That. Weekly. See you there.

*Childcare available for your little honey.

Beauty Bar

Hair cuts for kids + full service salon for mamas.  With childcare. you’re welcome.

Evening HoneyMama Group for Moms of Tots

Because it’s a whole new ballgame. And maybe you’re expecting again. And holy honey.

Mama + BusyBee School

The sweetest mama + me pre-school prep class ever. 

Carseat Checks

Because carseats, choices and changes make your head spin. we get it.

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