At Honey we believe in family. Both yours, and ours. 

Introducing our team. 


Brooke MillerMA, LMFT, E-RYT
Founder of Honey Space for Moms

After surviving two brain surgeries, watching her childhood home burn down, being weighed down with (and ultimately beating) an eating disorder, body image issues and years of depression and was motherhood that truly brought Brooke to her knees, cracked her open, and changed her perspective from every angle. A former nanny, yoga teacher, psychotherapist, wife, daughter, sister, mother, and "trailblazer" according to San Francisco's 411 Magazine, Brooke blends business with heart no matter what she takes on. Her dream to open a comprehensive motherhood wellness center became a reality after she moved to Michigan from California in 2014. With her 2.5yr old and 6-month old in tow, Brooke opened "Honey Studio", later to grow into Honey Space for Moms + Moms-to-be in 2016. She unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve and holds the space at Honey with a little bit four-letter-word meets 'my best friend the therapist', combined with endless cups of hot coffee and me-too moments. She's real...just like motherhood. And she'll probably give you a hug and call you honey. Because it just feels good.

Lindsey Lienert, MA, RYT-200
Yoga Teacher + ‘Little Honeys’ Programming Coordinator

This bright, sparkly musical theater mama combines her skills as a preschool-first grade teacher, her training as a yoga teacher to adults and children, and her affinity for sunshine and rainbows as the little honey maven of our Honey team.  Whether in her little honeys music classes, Mama + BusyBee School, or as a learning and education consultant, the experience with Lindsey is always heart-centered, fun, filled with joy, and often comes with laughs from her tiny human sidekick.

Julie Dorfman MA, PsyS
HoneyMama Group Leader

Sweet, passionate and knowledgeable, Julie brings her 20 years of marriage, 19 years of motherhood to 4 humans and 3 dogs, and degree in psychology and humanistic studies to honey as one of our amazing HoneyMama Group leaders. Her authenticity radiates and her feedback is spot on, as she holds the space for all of our amazing new HoneyMamas. We are so lucky to have our Julie. Love and butterflies for real.

Lisa Norgren, YT-200
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Trainer, Honey Professional Training Program Assistant

Magical. Freaking. Unicorns. Is basically our Lisa. Mama (and mama-to-be), wife, daughter, truth-seeker, amazing snack bringer…Lisa has a way of making you feel heard, seen, and loved from the inside out. She is just enough woo-woo that you want to know more, while being as grounded as they come. As a Michigan girl, Chicago girl, runner, RYT-200 yoga teacher, honey trainer, reiki master teacher, free Forest school-Ann Arbor director, and former corporate everything-moves-fast-omg-deadlines project manager…she gets it. She. Just. Gets. It. Go to her class, and you’ll get it too.

Natalie Friedman, RYT-200
Yoga teacher

A ray of sunshine, Natalie is a wife, mama (and mama-to-be!), doggie mama, yoga teacher, marketing/advertising consultant, play date logistics maven, baby food chef, and travel buff.  We are exhausted even thinking about her life and list, but this bubbly mama rocks it like crazy. She grew up in metro Detroit and after living in Chicago and Los Angeles she is finally back home making our team sweeter than ever.

Kendra Wysocki
certified child passenger safety tech and special needs safety

Mama of 3 littles, wife, and safety advocate to her core, Kendra completed her training in 2014 after becoming just a liiiiittle obsessed with safety after the birth of her first son in 2010.  An energy ball of knowledge, she offers private carseat safety checks right in our Honey parking lot to make sure you and your babes are all safe for every ride.

Lesley Barber
Assistant Program Coordinator

A former preschool teacher, this rock climbing wife and mama has filtered her love of multi-colored pens and type A tendencies into beautiful things like charts, schedules, curriculums, and systems. When she’s not drinking scotch or taming unicorns, she assists our team in creating programming, policies and procedures that help our mamas thrive. If you ever have an issue with using our software, signing in, signing out, signing up…she will fix it. We heart this woman.

Steph Reed, LMSW
private therapy +  group leader

A clinical social worker and mama, Steph has a passion for maternal mental health that has no bounds. Being around her feels like you're being held up, which is pretty freakin magical. While working at University of Michigan with mamas + mamas-to-be who were experiencing tragic loss, trauma, challenging pregnancy and birth journeys, she dropped into a career and specialty in supporting perinatal women. Open, raw, and always in it right along side her mama-peers, Steph is a beautiful member of our emotional wellness team. 

Whitney Kolongowski
childbirth educator 

A wife, mama, childbirth educator, midwife, birth and postpartum doula, Whitney is all things birth, motherhood, and magical. She supported mama birthing babies in a small village in Senegal. She is a resident of a Co-housing Community with her husband and children. She loves baking and gardening. All of the woo, plus she loves playing softball... and that is why we love her. A magical earth mother who loves the feeling of smashing one out of the park. Coolest. Raddest. Dopest baby catcher we know. 

Monica Mae Leibson, R. Ac. 
Acupuncturist specializing in perinatal + maternal acupuncture 

Monica is a registered acupuncturist, trained birth + postpartum doula, mama, wife, and seeker of  all the good juju. She trained with acupuncturist + midwife Debra Betts and participated in additional training in fertility with Randine Lewis, author of "The Infertility Cure". She is badass. While super soft. And beyond knowledgable. And oozing with passion. And all the things. All. The. Things.