Preparing for pregnacy

For mamas-to-be, preconception to pregnancy.



Prepare your body for pregnancy, increasing overall health and fertility. Our specialty acupuncture treatments will support you both physically and emotionally as a mother-to-be.


Breath and movement increase blood to flow and bring warmth to the uterus, and emotional support and connection will inspire your heart to soften and decrease stress. Prenatal Yoga is recommended for any body pregnant or preparing for pregnancy, and our yoga chill classes are perfect for those looking for additional relaxation

Grief + Motherhood 

Our miscarriage + loss outreach coordinator is here for you if you experience loss of any kind, to support your family and offer peer counseling. Additionally, our 6-week group is for moms + moms-to-be who are working with any level of grief, led by one of our staff therapists. 

Emotional Wellness 

Your journey is unique and important, and you deserve to be seen for who you are and heard for what you're saying. Our therapy and coaching team is specialized in working with moms and moms-to-be moving through a wide range of experiences including miscarriage, loss, fertility struggles, and pregnancy anxiety.

Beauty Bar

Join the hive. Look and feel beautiful. Because you deserve allllll the honey.