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Keep an eye out. We switch it up every month.

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Simplicity Parenting: Navigating Gift Giving and Receiving

Tuesday, December 11, 12:00-1:30P

Join our very own Julie Dorfman to learn more about simplicity parenting and how to get through and ENJOY the season of gift giving and receiving. 0-12 Months, babes welcome (of course!)

$25. HSA/FSA funds welcome.

Holiday Guilt: Survival Guide 101

Wednesday, December 12, 10:45a-12:15P

Join Julie Dorfman and talk through the guilt that can surround all things holiday, how to deal with it, talk about it, work through it AND enjoy the holidays. 0-12 month, babes welcome (of course!) 

$25. HSA/FSA funds welcome.

Travel, Sleep, Sanity and the Holidays

tuesday, December 18, 12:00-1:30P

Join the fabulous Megan Lubaway to learn tips, tricks and sanity saving hacks when traveling and adjusting to off sleep schedules during the holidays. 0-12 months, babes welcome (of course!) 

$25. HSA/FSA funds welcome.

The Family Feast: Navigating Food and Parenting Through the Holidays

wednesday, December 19 @ 10:45a-12:15P

Megan Lubaway will chat about all things food related for the holidays so that you can bob and weave through the onslaught of food fun throughout the holidays while keeping your little one safe, and your mama-mind at ease! 0-12 months, babes welcome (of course!).

$25. HSA/FSA funds welcome.

Infant CPR and Airway Safety

Saturday, December 8 @ 1:30-3:30P

This specialized workshop covers infant CPR + choking relief, airway safety, fevers and falls. This class is tailored for families with children 0-18 months, though pertinent for families with children 0-5 years as elements can be applied universally to any age. This class is a non-certification class to allow accessibility as well as tailored curriculum.

$50. HSA/FSA funds welcome. Price includes partner ticket.

HoneyMama Entrepreneur 2019 Planning Retreat

Thursday, December 13 @ 6-9pm

This special planning deep dive for current and past HoneyMama Entrepreneurs is a great opportunity to collaboratively prepare for your 2019 goals, both personally and professionally. We will bring specific tools, charts, and to-do's so you walk away with a solid foundation for deep accomplishment in the coming year.

$45. HSA/FSA funds welcome

Monthly Mama Happy Hour

Monday, December 17 @ 5:30-7:00p
Monday, january 10 @ 5:30-7:00p

A mash-up of ages, stages and topics with our incredible Honeymama daytime Group Leader, Julie Dorfman. Come on over, have some wine and snacks, bring your babe or don't (you do you, mama) and discuss monthly hot topics like "relationship boundaries", "body after baby", and "my mind in motherhood" while connecting with Honeymamas from other groups, both past, current, and future!

Sorry, child care will not be available.


How to Honey: A Free Orientation

Saturday, January 19 @ 10:30a-12:00p

Wondering what honey is all about? Want to see our space and hear about our program? Come on over for a FREE orientation for all things Honey! This event is perfect no matter what stage of parenting (or preparing for parenting) that you're in! We will tell you all about our classes, workshops, childcare and co-working space and tailor a program just for you! Meet members of our team, get all of your questions answered, and meet other Honeymamas in our community. 

This event is FREE!

TO register—

Call the Honey front desk at 248.232.2555, register online, or download our free Honey for Moms booking app for iPhone by clicking below.