At Honey we believe in family. Both yours, and ours. 

Introducing our team. 


Brooke Miller, MA, LMFT, E-RYT
Founder of Honey Space for Moms

After surviving two brain surgeries, watching her childhood home burn down, being weighed down with (and ultimately beating) an eating disorder, body image issues and years of depression and was motherhood that truly brought Brooke to her knees, cracked her open, and changed her perspective from every angle. A former nanny, yoga teacher, psychotherapist, wife, daughter, sister, mother, and "trailblazer" according to San Francisco's 411 Magazine, Brooke blends business with heart no matter what she takes on. Her dream to open a comprehensive motherhood wellness center became a reality after she moved to Michigan from California in 2014. With her 2.5yr old and 6-month old in tow, Brooke opened "Honey Studio", later to grow into Honey Space for Moms + Moms-to-be in 2016. She unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve and holds the space at Honey with a little bit four-letter-word meets 'my best friend the therapist', combined with endless cups of hot coffee and me-too moments. She's real...just like motherhood. And she'll probably give you a hug and call you honey. Because it just feels good.


Karen Evans
Honey Corporate + Career Consultant

Karen is all the working mamas dream come true. She is a mama, a lawyer, a career coach, co-leader of the honeymama entrepreneurship group, and partner in the corporate consulting division of honey. She helps moms figure out what the F to do— go back, stay home, change careers... send them all to Karen and she will wrap them in glitter and spin them with studies from other countries and give them an action plan that makes their eyes sparkle. Boom.


kathryn pozniak, MA, LPC, NCC

Kathryn is our on-site therapist. She earned her Master’s in Counseling from Wake Forest University and will soon be Dr. Kathryn Pozniak. Raising two toddlers and earning her doctoral degree, she gets it. Motherhood, marriage, pregnancy, birth. It’s hard. It’s raw. It can be all consuming. She provides a compassionate, person centered approach to therapy and holds a judgement-free space for you to breathe, grieve, laugh, scream, and heal.

Kathryn specializes in perinatal mental health, marriage, grief, parenthood, depression, anxiety and stress. She is available for individual and couples therapy.


Paige somes
front desk

"Paige is the 'first face' at honey and runs our front desk like a boss in a teeny tiny package of fierceness meets apple pie. With a baking + pastry degree, and too many wild hobbies to count, this former pre-school teacher just loves all da squishy bebes (seriously feel free to pass her a baby while ya organize yoself, she LOVES it!) Graham aka Grammy aka Graham the ham (oh boy is he!) is her tot mini-me and can be found in the busybee room often in skinny jeans and a graphic tee, because he's cooler than all ya'll and don't you forget it."


Rachel ryan 
busybee keeper

Rachel is our steadfast-rock blond bombshell lover of all the "beebees". She is in our busybee room all the hours and all the days in the universe and a rockin' mama of two. She’s a baby-wearing, CPR certified, tot-whispering Goddess. We love her and so do your babes.


Julie Dorfman MA, PsyS
HoneyMama Group Leader

Sweet, passionate and knowledgeable, Julie brings her 20 years of marriage, 19 years of motherhood to 4 humans and 3 dogs, and degree in psychology and humanistic studies to honey as one of our amazing Honeymama Group leaders. Her authenticity radiates and her feedback is spot on. She is fiercely dedicated to her moms and holds the space for every honey who sits in her circle.


Cancion dickenson, BSN
lactation specialist

Cancion is our resident feeding expert at Honey. She’s also a labor and delivery nurse, a mom and a gorgeous, glowing, pregnant Goddess. The best-friend of sore nipples, and baby-tummies, Cancion is here to support you however you choose to feed your babe. She’s educated, experienced, and calls breasts ‘titties’.


cindy davies, ma, bc-dmt
sleep specialist 

Cindy Davies, MA, BC-DMT holds a masters in dance/movement therapy and license in creative arts therapy, is a certified happiest baby on the block educator, certified holistic sleep consultant, and trained in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International. Cindy has a deep love for pregnancy and early parenting development. Through movement, art and narrative, she helps parents connect with themselves and their children. She is a wife, a mother of two, an advocate and teacher.


Jenn Maine Scogin creative maven

Jenn is our maven of all things creative. Owner of brand development studio, Studio Incognita, she is our soulful brand designer, the brain behind our social media, and our go-to for all things that are visible in the world like Honey swag, printed materials, and even our gorgeous curated plants. You'll see this mama and her redhead in the co-working space with a 'working' RBF and her headphones in, or eating from anything that is not single-use plastic.

Jenna Patterson.jpg

Jenna Peterson
massage therapist

Jenna has been a licensed massage therapist for more than 8 years. While studying at SWIHA in Arizona she completed more than 2,000 hours of education in massage and complementary healing modalities. She’s not much of a talker, and she never has been. And that is one of her greatest gifts. The body talks, Jenna Listens. She believes all bodies know how to heal themselves, and we need to learn how to listen and hold space for the body's infinite intelligence.

Candice Lamarand
Yoga Instructor

Candice is our incredible Wednesday yoga for all humans teacher, resident photographer and all around incredible person. Her class will literally make you feel like a new person. Grab some zen and meet Candice in the studio.

Amanda Watkins Honeymama group leader + Busybee keeper

Amanda is a mama and education. She shares her love and expertise with the babes in the Busybee room throughout the week and is the leader of our off-site Honey Group, Parents of Children with Special Needs.


krisanna carmon

busybee keeper

Krissa aka "snow white" may seem sweet and quiet when you first meet her, though this busybee keeper is a honeymama-bear and she will poison apple any biatch who comes near her (our) honeybabies in any way that doesn't include love, love, and more love. Because she "doesn't yet have kids yet" as she kindly reminds us when she isn't tired at 8am, she wears pants with buttons and no spandex. Don't judge. She's training as a postpartum doula too, because she's awesome.

katie cornea
Busybee keeper 

Katie is a mama and busybee keeper who is never shy and rocks it with the babes in the busybee room. She has all the ideas for our busybee space and surprises us with childcare tricks and tips we love! She recently joined our team in April and joined us in motherhood earlier this year